Tony’s Clam Shop | Quincy, MA Boston

May 25, 2014-IMG_1646

weather finally warmed up and i was craving lobster roll so we went to tony’s clam shop for some seafood. it’s located on the water and has a patio.

we got the seafood platter
May 25, 2014-IMG_1691

May 25, 2014-IMG_1750

and lobster rolls of course
May 25, 2014-IMG_1702

the lobster meat didnt taste juicy and all that fresh. the bread had no character.
May 25, 2014-IMG_1730

our meal overall was somewhat a disappointment. the seafood didnt taste fresh, juicy, and plump. i dont think i would come back.
May 25, 2014-IMG_1679

Tony’s Clam Shop
Seafood, Fast Food

861 Quincy Shore Dr
Quincy, MA 02170
Get Directions
Phone number (617) 773-5090

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Mandarin Malden | Malden, MA Boston

June 07, 2014-IMG_2506

mandarin malden is a relatively new taiwanese restaurant in malden.

very clean looking restaurant
June 07, 2014-IMG_2509-2

June 07, 2014-IMG_2517 June 07, 2014-IMG_2537

June 07, 2014-IMG_2572

we got the fried pork chop with rice. the portion is HUGE, enough to feed a starving family. the pork chop was on the very greasy side.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2592

if we couldnt finish it, i doubt anyone can finish this.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2620

Taiwanese-style Salted Crispy Xian Su Chicken
June 07, 2014-IMG_2654

this wasnt crispy, didnt taste as it was freshly fried.

June 07, 2014-IMG_2665 June 07, 2014-IMG_2547

we also got the beef noodle soup.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2689

the meat was a little too tender/overcooked that it lost its texture.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2699

the noodles weren’t al dente, lacked chewiness and textures.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2726

June 07, 2014-IMG_2521

i liked how clean and bright this restaurant feels unlike most chinese restaurants. although the portions are huge, the food itself was only ok.
June 07, 2014-IMG_2515

Mandarin Malden
Taiwanese, Chinese
74 Pleasant St
Malden, MA 02148
Phone number (781) 324-1148

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen | Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA

The Porkbelly Cali trip continues…. The stop for this day is Men Oh Ramen, I.e 麵王 which translate into Ramen King….. We’ll see if it is…

My friends asked if I wanted to try Men Oh, a Ramen joint in little Tokyo specializing in Tokushima Ramen, which is known for their pork….There was no line, so that is a plus!

May 13, 2014-IMG_0536-2

The Restaurant is pretty cozy, there was no line, we opted to sit at the bar to be closer to the action.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0540-2

May 13, 2014-IMG_0546

I was Hungryyyyy since I worked that day (remember I’m on a business trip). So I ordered an additional Tokushima Don with my meal

Tokushima Don
stir-fried pork, bamboo shoots, shredded seaweed, green onions, red ginger over rice
May 13, 2014-IMG_0571-2

We ordered karaage for everyone to share, it tasted like standard karaage, it came with a kew-pie dipping sauce. My friend told me they used to have a dope green dipping sauce, they don’t offer it anymore though.

japanese-style fried chicken
May 13, 2014-IMG_0590

My friend got the Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen
kurobuta pork-bone soup with salt-based seasoned, the style of fukuoka, japan, straight, thin noodles. toppings: chashu (simmered pork), bamboo shoots, green onions, kikurage (cloud ear mushroom), red ginger, seasoned boiled egg and seaweed

May 13, 2014-IMG_0623

I got the house special, the Tokushina Ramen with deluxe toppings. The soup was lukewarm when I got it, so that is always a turn off to me. The broth if decent but nothing spectacular. I didn’t hate it, but it seemed very average to me….

Tokushima Ramen

tonkotsu-shoyu ramen, the regional style of tokushima, japan rich homemade kurobuta pork-bone soup, seasoned with soy sauce. straight, medium-thick noodles. toppings: butabara (stir-fried pork belly), chashu (simmered pork), bamboo shoots, green onions and seasoned boiled egg. deluxe toppings: standard topping and kimchi, karamoyashi, horenso, kikurage, seaweed

May 13, 2014-IMG_0650
May 13, 2014-IMG_0657-2

Always need that noodle money shot, the noodles are good.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0671

Overall Men Oh is a pretty standard Ramen joint. I thought the food was average, especially with the influx of new Ramen restaurants opening up everywhere. As the problem with a lot of places, I wish the broth was hotter, temperature makes a huge difference with Ramen! I would recommend coming here if the line at Daikokuya is way too long. The broth is extremely heavy, if you are hungry definitely come here. Parking is easy to find since it is in the Honda shopping plaza right across from Sushi Gen. Till next time, keep slurping friends.

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen
456 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown
Men Oh on Urbanspoon

Savoy Kitchen | Alhambra, CA

Porkbelly again. It’s a weekday night, my friend and I are hungry. He makes a suggestion, “you want some Hainan chicken?” and that is how I found myself at Savoy Kitchen in Alhambra, the REAL Chinatown of Southern California. Sanvoy kitchen is known for one thing, and one thing only, their Hainan Chicken Rice aka 海南雞飯.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0468-2

Upon arrival, we were quickly seated outside…. As you can see here, most people ordered the Hainan Chicken

May 13, 2014-IMG_0464

I ordered their freshly brewed Chrysanthemum Tea…. Which is not free refill, my friend ordered the ice tea which is unlimited refill (not pictured) The tea is very refreshing.

May 12, 2014-IMG_0459

And then it arrived, the mother of all Hainan Chicken, juicy, succulent, the rice is fluffy with hints of oil, the chicken is just right, and comes with sides of soy sauce, ginger and chili sauce, which you can keep refilling to your hearts desire…….

Hainan Chicken Rice
rice steamed in chicken broth. poached chicken served with small portion of ginger & chili sauce
May 12, 2014-IMG_0439

I still dream about this, nothing in Boston compares….
May 12, 2014-IMG_0430

I’m a big fan of the ginger sauce
May 12, 2014-IMG_0443

I’m getting too hungry from looking at these pictures……

May 12, 2014-IMG_0447

Overall, I would come here again. If I lived near by, I would stop by weekly. Savoy Kitchen is an interesting place since it’s not a Chinese restaurant. Yep you heard me, NOT A CHINESE RESTAURANT, they mainly serve western dishes, such as escargot, various types of pasta, and even pizza. I recommend you come here for the Hainan Chicken and rice and ask for the dark meat option. I’m still drooling looking at these pictures…. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, in typical chinese style, this place is cash only, but everything is pretty cheap, the chicken was around $8 or so.

May 13, 2014-IMG_0470

What my friend drove me down in…..
May 13, 2014-IMG_0479-2

Savoy Kitchen
138 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
Savoy Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Berlin Currywurst | Silver Lake , CA Los Angeles

The Porkbelly Cali Business-food trip continues……

Silver Lake is the part of LA where the hipsters tend to congregate so they are plenty of interesting hipster-foodie places……yep, there is a ramen shop there…..and a fixie bike shop. I met up with my buddy from back home who loves the Silver Lake area, he took me to Gelateria Pazzo to grab some coffee. I’m not too big of a coffee drinker, so I went for a Coconut Green Tea. It is an interesting combination, it has a strong coconut flavor with hints of green tea. LA was undergoing an intense heatwave, so a cold drink was very welcomed!

May 12, 2014-IMG_0360

Next to Gelateria Pazzo was an interesting looking business advertising Berlin Currywurst. I like Curry and I like German Sausages so I had to check it out.

Pretty cool how next to an Italian Gelato restaurant they have a German Wurst restaurant…..

May 12, 2014-IMG_0388

May 12, 2014-IMG_0391

May 12, 2014-IMG_0386

Immediately after walking in, the bartender(maybe owner?) at the counter greeted us and explained the basics of his business. He explained to us that in Germany, Currywurst is a common street food that can be found on any street.

May 12, 2014-IMG_0374

German beers

May 12, 2014-IMG_0367

Some interesting cold-war era art work…


I went ahead and ordered a Currywurst with Bratwurst, some draft beers, and Fritten (Fries). I got the Currywurst in the “Break the Wall” heat level 4 sauce, the owner had to triple check to make sure I could handle it.

May 12, 2014-IMG_0363

First up came the beers, I forgot the beer I ordered, it just remember it was German, and it was on tap….

Delicious beers….
May 12, 2014-IMG_0381

May 12, 2014-IMG_0366

Next came the Frittens…..
The fries have a wonderful seasoning and are fried perfectly, the outside is crisp and the inside is soft. We were recommended to eat them with mayo, since it is the German way.

May 12, 2014-IMG_0406

Our Currywurst arrived….
It comes with slices of bread. The Currywurst is very savory, it has a hint of curry flavor, and since we got the hottest level, the spicy flavor was pretty much all we could taste…. Of course we finished all of it. You can use the bread to soak up the sauce… if you haven’t had enough sauce.

May 12, 2014-IMG_0422

May 12, 2014-IMG_0420-2

Overall, I like the food, everything here makes great drinking food, maybe it’s the German way? I can definitely see myself coming here looking for a quick bite and some good beers.

Berlin Currywurst
3827 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Silver Lake
Berlin Currywurst on Urbanspoon

Gelateria Pazzo
3827 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Pazzo Gelato on Urbanspoon

Wow Barbecue Restaurant | Brick and Mortar | Malden, MA Boston

May 24, 2014-DSCF1285

the wow barbecue is a food truck sells chinese barbecued lamb skewers 羊肉串儿 along with other meats and veggies. they just recently expanded to malden and opened a brick & mortar.

May 24, 2014-DSCF1287

we ordered some lamb skewers, chicken wings, and sausages. for the lamb skewers, flavors were decent, but there were too many fat pieces on each skewer.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1319

they have some basic appetizers on the menu.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1326

we also ordered the 麻辣香锅 mala pot. not only it wasnt nearly as spicy, numbing, and fragrant as we wished, all the veggies were really over cooked even the celery was soft as a noodle.
May 24, 2014-DSCF1331

Wow BBQ Restaurant could be a nice late night hangout spot since they open late til 1am on most days. although the food needs some more work and overpriced for what it is, with a few plasma TVs and some cold beers, wow barbecue restaurant is not a bad place to catch some sports games. the service couldve been more professional. i could tell our waitress doesnt have much restaurant working experience when she used one hand to dump our food in the takeout box and food got everywhere on the table. there was also a girl (not a fellow customer) came to our table and ask if she could take photos of our food. they couldve had made food for her to take photos of instead bothering the customers. i would wait to visit again before they work out their kinks.

May 24, 2014-DSCF1300

Wow Barbecue Restaurant
184 Salem St
Malden, MA 02148
Get Directions
Phone number (508) 826-3192


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