Bubble Tea | Tea Do | Chatime | Chinatown Boston, MA

there are two boba/bubble milk tea joints opened up in boston chinatown recently.

ive been to each one a few times now and here are my 2 cents.

tea do


March 20, 2014-DSCF0396

- spacious. it’s more like a cafe/tea house. you can actually hang out there. they have board games and cards for you to play.
- milk tea drinks taste like they are made with real tea instead of powder.
- takes level up (i forget my wallet all the time but never my phone) and credit cards
- also sells food such as takoyaki, onigiri (although i havent tried)

- limited selection of drinks
- the milk teas didnt taste as rich



March 28, 2014-DSCF0619

- a large selection of drinks
- you can customize your drink (ice/sugar level or different toppings)
- takes credit cards

- drinks are made from powder instead of real tea therefore taste very artificial.
- overly sweet. i always get 30% sugar which tastes like full sugar. ive never tried their full sugar; i cant imagine how sweet that would be
- limited seating, more like a take out joint
- can be a long wait. they are slow although they have 10 ppl working in the back.

in conclusion, both new boba joints are underwhelm in terms of drinks. although kung fu is easily better than both of tea do and chatime, tea do can be a nice hang out spot.

Tea Do
8 Tyler St
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Beach St & Kneeland St in Chinatown
Phone number (617) 988-8002

31 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02111
b/t Oxford Pl & Beach St in Chinatown
Phone number (617) 982-6928

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Bergamot | Chef’s Tasting Menu | Somerville, MA Boston

it was our 4th anniversary a few weeks ago, we celebrated at bergamot in somerville. this time we opted for the 7 course chef’s tasting menu.


beef tartare

Grapefruit and Roasted Golden Beet Salad
Goat Cheese, Mesclun Greens, Banyuls Vinaigrette, Sunflower Seed Wafer
i hate beets, it tastes than carrots.
March 24, 2014-IMG_4671

more salads
March 24, 2014-IMG_4704-2

March 24, 2014-IMG_4723

Squid & Octopus
March 24, 2014-IMG_4776

Pan-Seared Salmon
Creamy White Beans, House-Made Bacon
March 24, 2014-IMG_4821

Grilled Berkshire Pork Tenderloin
Carrot-Date Puree, Confit Potatoes, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Pork Jus
March 24, 2014-IMG_4926

March 24, 2014-IMG_4955-2

March 24, 2014-IMG_4992-2

March 24, 2014-IMG_5045-2

food was well executed, but the 7 course tasting menu was more like a sampler of their regular menu. i was anticipating something more adventurous/different for the chef’s tasting menu. if i knew, i would’ve just ordered a variety of dishes off the regular menu and shared with pork belly. that being said, i dont think the tasting menu was worth it at all.

118 Beacon St
Somerville, MA 02143
Phone number (617) 576-7700

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El Chato Taco Truck | Los Angeles, CA

man i love tacos and sadly taco places in boston are jus really underwhelming (although there is one exception), so whenever im in cali, i def go ham on the tacos. i talked about my new fave taco joint in a previous post; el chato is another taco truck we visited.





everyone was full since we came from dinner. i had to have some, so i got some to go.

lengua, cabeza, asada, pollo





paired with that mexican coke

probably the best dollar you could spend.

5300 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone number (323) 947-3651

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“Chef’s Whim” Tasting Menu | Craigie On Main | Boston, MA

ive been to craigie on main many times. this time we went to check out their “Chef’s Whim” Tasting Menu, which supposed to be an inventive and spontaneous meal by Chef Carl Dooley.

but it turned out to be… not so inventive. we opted the five course tasting, which turned out to be… four course.

Civilian – sombra mezcal, lime, date, sour orange, thai chili – my fave drink @ craigie

March 19, 2014-IMG_4156

goat pate
March 19, 2014-IMG_4203

March 19, 2014-IMG_4215

halibut w/oyster and mushrooms
March 19, 2014-IMG_4228

March 19, 2014-IMG_4242

pasta made from beets
March 19, 2014-IMG_4280

pork three ways – i loved this dish and the crispy pork skin and the melt in your mouth tenderness blew my mind; however, the pork belly didnt come with crispy skin this time. very very disappointed.
March 19, 2014-IMG_4338

March 19, 2014-IMG_4362

March 19, 2014-IMG_4397

we ordered Hardwood-Roasted Bone Marrow as an extra dish because my friend was craving it.
March 19, 2014-IMG_4414

March 19, 2014-IMG_4444-2

palate cleanser – sorbet
March 19, 2014-IMG_4461-2

March 19, 2014-IMG_4486-2

March 19, 2014-IMG_4508

March 19, 2014-IMG_4472

although these dishes are craigie’s signature dishes, i was expecting a more inventive and spontaneous or even adventurous meal as described for the chef’s whim tasting menu. the 5-course meal was indeed a 4 course meal. (unless they are counting the palate cleanser as one course now. they used to be complimentary with the 3 course meal.) i was also disappointed by the pork 3 ways which i used to worship. although the food was still delicious for the most part, i dont recommend the chef’s whim tasting menu.

Craigie On Main
853 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone number (617) 497-5511

Craigie On Main on Urbanspoon

Terramia Ristorante | North End Boston, MA

this was my 2nd time here. i thought the food was decent last time so i wanted to come here again, but food was rather disappointing this time.

March 12, 2014-IMG_3767

March 12, 2014-IMG_3785

birra moretti beer
March 12, 2014-IMG_3763

Antipasto Tradizionale
March 12, 2014-IMG_3813

March 12, 2014-IMG_3807

Raviolone Aperto
Open-face ravioli, scallops & shrimp, zucchini segments, lobster mascarpone reduction.

i had this last time and remembered it was good. this time the seafood didnt taste too fresh and a lot less scallops and shrimps than last time. the ravioli was stuck at the bottom of the plate.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3867

Cavatelli pasta, broccoli rabe pesto, chili flakes, pork sausage, torn burrata, confit panko.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3891

March 12, 2014-IMG_3912

Gnocchi con Agnello
House made potato dumplings, lamb roast tomato & pepper ragù, aromatic vegetables and herbs.

the gnocchi was rather mushy and the whole dish tasted like canned pasta.
March 12, 2014-IMG_3876-2

March 12, 2014-IMG_3924

not sure what happened, food was pretty disappointing. i dont think i’d be back again.

Terramia Ristorante
98 Salem St
Boston, MA 02113
Phone number (617) 523-3112

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Manna House | Arlington, MA Boston

went to check out manna house in arlington last weekend.

very cozy, super super warm inside.

banchans were noticeably fresh

March 15, 2014-IMG_4007

i really like the tofu
March 15, 2014-IMG_3996

March 15, 2014-IMG_4003

March 15, 2014-IMG_4015

Soondubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew) – it was bland for me, so i had to ask for salt. not as spicy and well flavor as i wished.
March 15, 2014-IMG_4042

March 15, 2014-IMG_4063

yuk gae jang – better flavored than the soondubu, no major complains except the beef was a little too tough.
March 15, 2014-IMG_4035


food wasnt the tastiest but felt very homemade with quality ingredients. i would come here again if i were in mood for korean food.
March 15, 2014-IMG_3963

Manna House
9 Medford St
Arlington, MA 02476
Arlington Center
Phone number (781) 648-8878

Manna House on Urbanspoon


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