Aquavit | Midtown East New York, NY

January 02, 2015-IMG_7107 January 02, 2015-IMG_7097

my friend and i went to aquavit for lunch after new years. rewarded with two michelin stars in the 2015 michelin guide new york, aquavit serves seasonal world-class modern nordic cuisine.

2007 Weingut Max Ferd. Richter Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett, Mosel, Germany
super fruity and light, perfect for lunch
January 02, 2015-IMG_7119

January 02, 2015-IMG_7113 January 02, 2015-IMG_7116

January 02, 2015-IMG_7106

pickled potato salad, capers, chives
January 02, 2015-IMG_7129

danish rye, dill mayonnaise
January 02, 2015-IMG_7137

fresh, light, refreshing
January 02, 2015-IMG_7145

cod, scallops, shrimp, mussels, parsley aioli, pickled tomatoes, champagne foam
January 02, 2015-IMG_7176

the seafood was executed to perfection, but the champagne broth was a little too acidic and overpowering for my liking
January 02, 2015-IMG_7190

January 02, 2015-IMG_7201

potato, onion marmalade, egg yolk
January 02, 2015-IMG_7165

gingerbread cake, caramelized walnuts, vanilla ice cream
January 02, 2015-IMG_7218

January 02, 2015-IMG_7253 January 02, 2015-IMG_7212

panna cotta
January 02, 2015-IMG_7236

the lunch was solid overall. the service was on point, wine was lovely, food was well executed.
January 02, 2015-IMG_7243

65 E 55th St
New York, NY 10022
b/t Madison Ave & Park Ave in Midtown East
Phone number (212) 307-7311

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Sweet Kingdom | Allston/Brighton Boston, MA

January 24, 2015-DSC00285

sweet kingdom is a new asian dessert place opened on harvard ave couple weeks ago.


they open til 2am everyday!

menu looks like a typical dessert shop in asian such as 满记甜品 honeymoon dessert.

January 24, 2015-DSC00162

January 24, 2015-DSC00169

i like the idea of ordering off a tablet
January 24, 2015-DSC00157

coconut and red bean pudding – this was pretty flavorless and the pudding texture was a bit hard.
January 24, 2015-DSC00214

the mango kingdom – mango, ice cream, coconut milk, sago, grapefruit
maybe mango isnt in season. this was lacking all the mango-y goodness.
i also prefer my 杨枝甘露 clean; didnt really appreciate all the coconut milk, sago, and the ice cream in my 杨枝甘露。
January 24, 2015-DSC00241

durian with coconut sauce
January 24, 2015-DSC00230

i was really excited about sweet kingdom because the menu looked very promising. i love mangos and everything made of mangos. unfortunately, the desserts were rather disappointing. i’d come and try again when mango’s in season perhaps. sweet kingdom still could be a good hanging out spot since they open til 2am in the morning everyday. comparing to yocha in quincy, i liked this better.

January 24, 2015-DSC00175 January 24, 2015-DSC00176-2

Sweet Kingdom
145 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA 02134
b/t Hefferan St & Glenville Ter in Allston/Brighton
Phone number (617) 782-0368

there’s an all you can eat hot pot sushi place opening up on harvard ave in allston right next to garlic lemon and sweet kingdom.


Cafe Bene | Symphony Hall Boston, MA

(PorkBelly) Cafe Bene is a chain cafe from Korea a la Paris Baguette, tous le jours. They just opened up a spot in Boston near Symphony Hall. We’ve been to locations all over, in NYC, LA, and in China. As with all chains, this one was more or less the same. We went on a Saturday, parking was impossible to find in the area, we circled around for at least a hour until I found a spot, typical for the area. The cafe is across the street from the Kung Fu Tea.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3897

November 08, 2014-IMG_3894

It’s a cozy shop. Since this is near Northeastern University, they were plenty of students “studying.”

They are going for a Library Room theme
November 08, 2014-IMG_3877


November 08, 2014-IMG_3751

November 08, 2014-IMG_3767

Waffle Display

November 08, 2014-IMG_3755

Selection of cakes, they have a Lady M-like crepe cake, and with the usual assortments of tiramisu, sponge cakes, and the like….
November 08, 2014-IMG_3760

caffe bene becomes very popular in asia after appearing on k-dramas… It seems like a great place to hang out.

November 08, 2014-IMG_3862 November 08, 2014-IMG_3852
November 08, 2014-IMG_3827 November 08, 2014-IMG_3887

bingsu – a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red bean paste.November 08, 2014-IMG_3844

chocolate cake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3824

pistachio cheesecake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3785

November 08, 2014-IMG_3813


November 08, 2014-IMG_3805

hazelnut cake

November 08, 2014-IMG_3774

333 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115
b/t Huntington Ave & St Botolph St
Phone number (617) 982-6688
Business website

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Shabu & Mein | East Cambridge Kendall Square/MIT Boston, MA

January 10, 2015-IMG_8547

shabu & mein is a new restaurant under the same restaurant group such as:

ive been to a handful of these restaurants and none of them were memorable.

as their name suggests, shabu & mein serves both shabu shabu (hot pot) and ramen along with some same plates. since ive had shabu at quincy, i just assume this one cant be too different from the other one.
so one day we just stopped by for lunch to try some ramen.

January 10, 2015-IMG_8699 January 10, 2015-IMG_8556

January 10, 2015-IMG_8582

January 10, 2015-IMG_8568 January 10, 2015-IMG_8560

January 10, 2015-IMG_8585

January 10, 2015-IMG_8596

January 10, 2015-IMG_8605

(Soup noodles topped with char-shu pork, mushrooms, menma, scallions, nori, black sesame garlic oil, and a soft-boiled egg)

January 10, 2015-IMG_8609

broth was ok, pork was on the chewy side, noodles were wayyy over done. overall, it didnt taste bad, but at $14 a bowl, there left much more to be desired.
January 10, 2015-IMG_8621

January 10, 2015-IMG_8640

(Soup noodles topped with char-shu pork, mushrooms, menma, scallions, nori, black sesame garlic oil, and a soft-boiled egg)
January 10, 2015-IMG_8645

same as the non-spicy version, but with the spicy sauce. the spicy sauce actually tasted strange, they did not compliment the ramen well. i would def get it non-spicy.
January 10, 2015-IMG_8651

January 10, 2015-IMG_8669

we always tell ourselves to avoid ordering XLB at all cost in boston, but still attempt to order them whenever we see them. unsurprisingly, they sucked. there wasnt even soup in them.January 10, 2015-IMG_8679

January 10, 2015-IMG_8689

January 10, 2015-IMG_8696

conclusion: overpriced food mediocre at the best. def targets white ppl in cambridge.

tip: they offer free valet parking during dinner.

Shabu & Mein
148 1st St
Cambridge, MA 02142
East Cambridge, Kendall Square/MIT
Transit information Green Lechmere Station and 1 more station
Phone number (617) 577-7888
Business website:

Shabu & Mein on Urbanspoon

January 10, 2015-IMG_8332

January 10, 2015-IMG_8378-3

Besito Mexican Restaurant | Chestnut Hill, MA

(Porkbelly) We were invited to try out the newly opened Besito Mexican Restaurant opened up in Chestnut Hill mall. The restaurant has a very authentic feeling, upon arrival the staff greets you in Spanish.

December 21, 2014-IMG_6128 December 21, 2014-IMG_6159

The restaurant is large and bustling with a great energy.

December 21, 2014-DSC07108

Very interesting Decor

December 21, 2014-DSC07094

December 21, 2014-DSC07097

December 21, 2014-IMG_5324

We were promptly seated and presented with the menu. Besito has a very expansive menu.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5357 December 21, 2014-IMG_5307

While waiting for our food, we chowed down on some chips. It’s easy to go overboard with chips.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5415

December 21, 2014-IMG_5364 December 21, 2014-IMG_5347

Watermelon Margarita and Besito Patron Margarita

December 21, 2014-IMG_5523 December 21, 2014-IMG_5458

Made Tableside
en Molcajete
Served with warm tortilla chips and salsa de
tomate y jalapeño

Our 1st appetizer

Basically Guacamole made tableside, it is damn good. I definitely recommend this. I could eat this all day

December 21, 2014-DSC07142

December 21, 2014-IMG_5599

December 21, 2014-IMG_5585

2nd Appetizer
Queso Fundido
Baked queso Chihuahua, rajas, chorizo, cilantro, white onion.

Cheesy warm and hits the spot, especially on the extremely cold day we visited.

December 21, 2014-DSC07230

The Queso is served with warm tortillas
December 21, 2014-DSC07204

December 21, 2014-IMG_5759

December 21, 2014-IMG_5786

That cheese action + Carne Asada Tacos

December 21, 2014-IMG_5800 December 21, 2014-IMG_5738

3rd Appetizer

Tacos de Carne Asada*
Grilled marinated skirt steak, organic romaine
lettuce, pico de gallo, chile de arbol salsa, queso

December 21, 2014-IMG_5709
December 21, 2014-IMG_5677

4th Appetizer

Panquesito de Jaiba
Crispy jumbo lump crab cake, roasted habanero
cream sauce, roasted corn salad, cilantro,
queso fresco

December 21, 2014-DSC07185

December 21, 2014-IMG_5638

1st entrée

Filete de Res al Chipotle*
Filet Mignon marinated in Negra Modelo, chipotle quemado salsa, queso Chihuahua,
nopales, plantains, queso fresco

Very tender, cooked perfect, everything on this dish went well.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5872

December 21, 2014-DSC07237

December 21, 2014-IMG_5979

It came with Beans and rice and cheese.

December 21, 2014-DSC07262

December 21, 2014-IMG_6033

For my side I ordered

Elotes de la Calle
Roasted Mexican street corn, queso fresco, chile molido

Bunny is a big corn fan. The combo of sweet and savory is what makes this dish

December 21, 2014-IMG_6008

2nd entrée

Camarones Ajillo
Jumbo shrimp and organic crimini and button mushrooms cooked in a garlic chile
salsa, mashed boniato, pico de gallo

This reminded us a lot of Mofongo in Puerto Rico. Shrimp with a starch base, the shrimp was perfect.

December 21, 2014-IMG_5971

December 21, 2014-IMG_5887

December 21, 2014-DSC07277

At this point we were pretty stuffed. But there is still dessert, the show must go on….



December 21, 2014-DSC07320

December 21, 2014-IMG_6050

My beautiful wife



At the end of the meal the waiter gave us two of these guys
December 21, 2014-IMG_6176

You put them under your pillow and it is supposed to ward off bad spirits.

Overall Besito Mexican is a very welcomed addition to the Chestnut hill area. It serves delicious Mexican food that is fairly priced with a large diversified menu. The restaurant seems like it is doing very well. There was a decent line forming behind the Hostess. I can recommend this restaurant.

Besito Mexican
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Besito - Chestnut Hill on Urbanspoon

*The meal was provided for free all opinions are my own*

Whole Roasted Lamb | Beijing Chang Ping Ma Yu Fang 北京昌平 麻峪房 刘士莲 烤全羊

October 01, 2014-DSC07847

one of the days in beijing, we took a day trip to a small town of chang ping 昌平, couple hours outside of beijing, for some whole roasted lamb.

October 01, 2014-DSC07927

the small town, ma yu fang 麻峪房, has a few places like this that serves whole roasted lamb. these places are not restaurants but someone’s home. this particular we went to, they only serve to one group of people (2 tables) per day. you can spend the entire day eating, drinking (BYOB), hanging out, playing cards (ma jiang in my case), fruit picking, or hiking on nearby mountains. they also provide rooms for overnight stay for an extra fee. pretty much like a small resort but at someone’s house.

October 01, 2014-DSC08166

we went with a group of my dad’s friends. due to crazy traffic, we arrived kinda late and the lamb was almost done cooking. most of my dad’s friends got there early in the morning and went hiking to work out an appetite.

October 01, 2014-DSC07848

the lamb was freshly butchered in the morning
October 01, 2014-DSC07851

October 01, 2014-DSC08197

October 01, 2014-DSC07859

October 01, 2014-DSC07867

October 01, 2014-DSC07876

October 01, 2014-DSC07884

October 01, 2014-DSC07888

October 01, 2014-DSC07929

October 01, 2014-DSC07908

October 01, 2014-DSC07936

October 01, 2014-DSC07939 October 01, 2014-DSC07913

October 01, 2014-DSC07943

October 01, 2014-DSC08192

October 01, 2014-DSC07948

October 01, 2014-DSC07956 October 01, 2014-DSC07959

October 01, 2014-DSC07980

October 01, 2014-DSC07992 October 01, 2014-DSC08002

the lamb is bathed with tons cumin and other spices.
October 01, 2014-DSC08040

October 01, 2014-DSC08046

October 01, 2014-DSC08053 October 01, 2014-DSC08058

the lamb was delicious of course. beautifully charred on the outside and tender flavorful inside. October 01, 2014-DSC08091

the lamb comes with a set of meal, mainly rustic dishes.
October 01, 2014-DSC08106

October 01, 2014-DSC08116

October 01, 2014-DSC08134

my cuz
October 01, 2014-DSC08142

hanging out in their yard after lunch
October 01, 2014-DSC08172

October 01, 2014-DSC08176

October 01, 2014-DSC08181 October 01, 2014-DSC08185
October 01, 2014-DSC08493 October 01, 2014-DSC08488-2
October 01, 2014-DSC08502 October 01, 2014-DSC08512

October 01, 2014-DSC08516

October 01, 2014-DSC08535 October 01, 2014-DSC08522

October 01, 2014-DSC08538

October 01, 2014-DSC08545

October 01, 2014-DSC08582

October 01, 2014-DSC08587

October 01, 2014-DSC08599 October 01, 2014-DSC08286

October 01, 2014-DSC08642

we took a walk while waiting my dad to finish his lunch.
October 01, 2014-DSC08274

October 01, 2014-DSC08290 October 01, 2014-DSC08297

October 01, 2014-DSC08293

October 01, 2014-DSC08299 October 01, 2014-DSC08319

green dates
October 01, 2014-DSC08304

October 01, 2014-DSC08307

October 01, 2014-DSC08327

October 01, 2014-DSC08331 October 01, 2014-DSC08355

October 01, 2014-DSC08338

October 01, 2014-DSC08431

October 01, 2014-DSC08439 October 01, 2014-DSC08442

October 01, 2014-DSC08460

after everyone finished eating and a short rest, we drove 5 mins to a nearby park for some walking/hiking

October 01, 2014-DSC08223 October 01, 2014-DSC08227
October 01, 2014-DSC08691 October 01, 2014-DSC08717
October 01, 2014-DSC08703 October 01, 2014-DSC08707


October 01, 2014-DSC08257

October-01,-2014-DSC08765 October 01, 2014-DSC08733

October 01, 2014-DSC08739

October 01, 2014-DSC08744 October 01, 2014-DSC08746

October 01, 2014-DSC08750

October 01, 2014-DSC08759

October 01, 2014-DSC08770 October 01, 2014-DSC08774
October 01, 2014-DSC08779 October 01, 2014-DSC08822
October 01, 2014-DSC08851 October 01, 2014-DSC08898
October 01, 2014-DSC08915 October 01, 2014-DSC08907
October 01, 2014-DSC08962 October 01, 2014-DSC08989

beijing chang ping district ling zhen ma yu fang, house of tao and shi lian
phone: 011-86-10-89721953
cell: 011-86-13683071469


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