Feng Mao BBQ | Downtown Flushing, Queens NY, NYC

Pork Belly once again. I just got back from a work trip and reunited with Bunny! This trip in NYC I stopped by Feng Mao BBQ in flushing queens with some friends. I was surprised to find a Feng Mao in NYC, after visiting the one in LA Last Year. I’ll recap, Feng Mao is a spot known for their DIY skewers, aka 串(Chuan), you cook DIY style over charcoal, they are owned by an ethnic Korean Minority in China, known as the 朝鲜族 (ChaoXianZu), so they speak both Mandarin Chinese and Korean. The waitress accidentally spoke Korean to my friends, and they were blow away that they can speak both languages. Although their menu is pretty much the same as the one in LA, the concept the same, I am curious if they are in fact the same restaurant chain.

After work I took the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train to Flushing Main. The LIRR is an express train, since my work is in Times Square, and the LIRR leaves out of Penn station, it is the most convenient for me. Flushing is only 2 stops away from Penn station on the LIRR

After I got off the train at Flushing Main

Flushing Queens is right near LaGuardia airport. They are always low flying planes around. Having planes flying around reminds me of home, since I grew up right outside of Dulles Airport.


Feng Mao is a quick walk down Flushing Main.


It doesn’t look like anything Special on the outside

Once you enter, you have to walk down a hallway…..



After we were seated and ordered, they dropped off the Panchan, typically the appetizers they serve in Korean Restaurant.

First round is the Cucumbers

Boiled Peanuts with celery

Kimchi, the Kimchi tasted like Chinese Style Kimchi, could definitely taste dat Fish Sauce

Waiting for the meat

羊肉串!(Lamb Skewers)

It wasn’t too packed on a Monday night


Menu in Chinese/Korean. Just like LA they had Bull Penis, but my friends were too chicken to try it. We had it in LA

Soju always goes well with Meat


Since we ordered a ton of food, they gave us this complimentary. I don’t know what it is called, is has a lot of picked veggies on top, with tripe at the bottom, it was on the sour side. It went well with the meat.


Some of our Meat selection. We got Chicken Hearts, Tofu, Chicken Gizzards, Lamb……..

Some spices for our Skewers. From the left to Right, MSG, Salt, Pepper, and Cumin.

The Grilling action started….


Sausages and Lamb!

It didn’t last for too long

After Dinner we went to Quickly Cafe for Boba. One of our friends is Taiwanese, he said they have this store there.


I always try to practice my Chinese in Flushing


I went with the normal bubble tea

2 Free toppings with a Drink!


This didn’t last long either

At this point, I was beyond full. I had work the next day, so I jumped on the LIRR back to Penn Station.


My opinion, The Feng Mao in Flushing was not as good as the one in LA. The one in LA had better meat, or maybe because we drank some before we ate at the LA location…. The service at the LA location was definitely busier, but then again we went to the LA location later at night….. The Flushing Feng Mao is open 24/7. I would definitely give it a consideration if I am ever driving through NYC late at night and want something to eat. I like this place better than Dong Fang Chuan Dian in New Jersey. If you just want lamb skewers they are plenty of late night skewer carts in the area.

Feng Mao BBQ
37-14 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354

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Jean And Lee Kitchen | Newton, MA Boston

August 31, 2014-DSC02364

went to jean and lee kitchen in newton for dinner last night. a relatively new restaurant opened earlier this year serving taiwaneses food.

August 31, 2014-DSC02369

there are two floors, we dined on the upper floor. pretty spacious.

August 31, 2014-DSC02373

complimentary small apps – pickled cabbage and fried peanuts.
August 31, 2014-DSC02382

咸酥鸡 salt and pepper chicken – they use bone-in chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02412

shredded pork ears with spicy oil
August 31, 2014-DSC02420

stinky tofu – i smelled this in the parking lot.
August 31, 2014-DSC02445

xiao long bao – no soup inside, but it wasnt bad
August 31, 2014-DSC02448

August 31, 2014-DSC02455

spicy fish filet – wasnt spicy at all
August 31, 2014-DSC02462

August 31, 2014-DSC02467

stir fry rice noodles
August 31, 2014-DSC02477

kung pao chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02483

braised pork belly with mei cai – this was really delicious, not porky at all. the fat really melts in your mouth. highly recommended 油而不腻,赞!
August 31, 2014-DSC02495

August 31, 2014-DSC02500

seafood tofu
August 31, 2014-DSC02509

three cup chicken
August 31, 2014-DSC02522

August 31, 2014-DSC02519

August 31, 2014-DSC02543

food was decent overall, but i dont think i would come here often due to 45 mins drive from my house.
August 31, 2014-DSC02556

Jean And Lee Kitchen
108 Oak St
Newton, MA 02464
Phone number (617) 558-2888

Yong Yong | Malden, MA Boston

July 19, 2014-IMG_6437

yong yong is a newly opened restaurant in malden. they serve dim sum and all you can eat hot pot and sushi.

July 19, 2014-IMG_6256

we came on a saturday morning for dim sum, yong yong wasnt nearly as packed as sun kong, the other place that serves dim sum in malden. there’s also plenty of parking.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6261-2

the selection of dim sum is not the largest one, but enough for our basic needs.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6253

happy pork belly because dim sum is his fave thing to eat.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6293

pork 烧卖
July 19, 2014-IMG_6320

chives and shrimp dumplings
July 19, 2014-IMG_6334

pork ribs
July 19, 2014-IMG_6354

July 19, 2014-IMG_6367

crab claws
July 19, 2014-IMG_6381

July 19, 2014-IMG_6432

shrimp 肠粉
July 19, 2014-IMG_6395

虾饺 shrimp dumplings
July 19, 2014-IMG_6417

July 19, 2014-IMG_6426

although the food didnt taste as good as sun kong or nearly as good as dim sum from chinatown, i def enjoyed the no waiting, easy parking experience. the restaurant is pretty new and clean which is def something i appreciate. sometimes i can sacrifice a little taste for no hassle experience.
July 19, 2014-IMG_6285

Yong Yong
Dim Sum, Hot Pot
100 Ferry St
Malden, MA 02148
Phone number (781) 322-8887

Yong Yong on Urbanspoon

Costa Rica Trip Video and Updates


i just got back from costa rica 2 days ago. i absolutely loved it there. the scenery was beautiful, but most importantly i loved the people and the way they live their life.

i took thousands of pictures, but that will probably take me some time to edit them and write up in depth posts about my experience.

i thought id share a quick video that captured some of the places we went. you will have to watch it on computer; there is no sound if you watch it on phone.

please enjoy.

pura vida!

i have been very slow on my posts recently because i havent been eating much. i have been trying so hard to lose weight for my wedding because pork belly and bunny are finally getting married next month. ive lost almost 40lbs so far.

it will be a very busy month ahead of us because we will be in canada to attend my friend’s wedding, then fly to beijing for my own wedding the week after. we are staying in beijing/shanghai for 3 weeks and touring porkbelly’s family around china.

my dad has been in charge of planning the wedding, but there’s still a lot shit i need to take care myself. my family and porkbelly’s family doesnt really speak the same language so i became the communication bridge for everything which can be very frustrating sometimes. my parents are divorced so they have to communicate through me as well.

the wedding that will take place in beijing will be our main wedding, but there’s still gonna be another small celebration for family/friends in DC around xmas time this year.

pork belly and i have been dating for more than 4 years and a lot of things have happened during these 4 years. good, bad, and terrible things all have happened. i am glad we are still together and i am marrying him. he has given me so much love, support, and patience that ive never received from anyone else, not even my parents. getting married does feel different than just dating. i subconsciously want to treat him better and care about him more since i will be stuck with him for the rest of my life. we are becoming one team. if he’s living a miserable life, mine probably cant be too much better.

all that being said, i hope everyone had a great summer. cant believe summer is almost over, we havent used AC not evem once yet in our house.

August 09, 2014-August-09,-2014-IMG_8782dd

TASTE OF WGBH: Food & Wine Festival 2014


i will be attending this year’s taste of WGBH Chef’s Gala Reception on Thursday, September 11, 2014. 25 of the best chefs from the far corners of New England will be cooking at the event. it will be an incredible gastronomic adventure in food, wine, and craft beer. guests have the opportunity to sample small plates prepared by 25 of the region’s best chefs, and sip more than 20 delicious wines from around the globe. For complete details on the Chef’s Gala and the whole roster of festival events, visit www.wgbh.org/festival.

my readers can get a 20% discount on tickets! you can purchase tickets online at http://www.wgbh.org/foodwine/festival_tickets.cfm and use the promotional code FOODBLOG.

the whole roster of festival events:

Chef’s Gala Reception

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dress code: Cocktail attire, business attire

7-10pm open to general ticket purchasers

Tickets, general admission: $150

The event is held inside the WGBH Calderwood Studio, and Atrium

The Chef’s Gala Reception is an elegant evening with 25 unique stations showcasing cuisine of local chefs/restaurants paired perfectly with selected wine and a few select craft beers from 25 featured artisans. Meet and mingle with your favorite chefs, and discover new favorite restaurants. Learn about the magic of pairing various dishes with the perfect wine to enhance flavor, and your experience.

*Must be 21 to participate

The Artisan Taste

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dress code: Business casual-casual

Two Sessions: 1pm-3:30pm and 5pm-7:30pm

Tickets for one 2 1/2 hour session: $50 for members and $60 for non-members

Located in back WGBH visitor parking lot

Experience a wide variety of artisanal foods featuring New England’s renowned restaurants, chefs, and local producers.

• Exhibitor tables featuring more than 100 wines from around the world, local food purveyors, and local fare.

• Clarke Sub-Zero Wolf Celebrity Cooking Stage to include two chef demonstrations during each two and a half hour session.

• Interactive displays and sponsor activations and entertainment will be included on the stage between each of the cooking demonstrations

*Must be 21 to participate

Farmer’s Market

Sat. 9/13 11am-5:30pm and Sun. 9/14 10am-3pm

FREE event, open to the general public

Will feature 15-20 farmers/vendors with a wide assortment of fresh produce, spices, herbs, and baked goods. Check the website for updates in the coming weeks ahead with a complete list of participating vendors

(will be located in front parking lot by Newbury Comics and our parking garage in same configuration that we had in the 2012 Wine Fest)

Brunch Bar

Sunday, September 14, 11am-1:30pm

Tickets: $40 for members and $45 for non-members

Dress code: Business casual-casual

We’ve taken the guessing out of where to have brunch with this exclusive event. Have Sunday Brunch at the Brunch Bar with more than 100 different restaurants, artisan food producers, craft breweries and wines serving up sumptuous tasting-sized portions of foods from the exotic to down-home. The event features live chef demos, live music and an unbeatable way to travel New England in the span of a couple hours.

Also on Sunday Sept. 14 are two

Food & Wine Festival Seminars

These will be located inside Cahners Conference Room, Reno and 3rd fl cafe

Pickled: Preserving the honored tradition

Sunday, Sept. 14, 2-3:30pm

Donation: $25

Capacity: Capped at 40 guests

Presented by Tia Pinney, Naturalist/Adult Program and Eco-management Coordinator from Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Join us for a visually, aromatically, and gastronomically exciting event, as we explore a plethora of pickles with our friends from Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary. The art of pickling has made a comeback in recent years with the popularity of the do-it-yourself movement. This class will provide you with the basic skills you need to pickle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at home.

We’ll review the elements that go into crafting a good pickle, including acid, flavorings, spices, produce choices, preparation, and storage. You will have a chance to sample some delicious pickled fruits and vegetables during the seminar, and you’ll even be able to take home your own pickled creations at the end of class. Bring your appetite, and get ready for this adventure in pickling.

Shaken & Stirred
Sunday, September 14, 2:00-3:30pm


Capacity: Capped at 40 guests

The dedicated staff from the James Beard Award-winning Kenmore Square cocktail lounge, The Hawthorne, is calling class into session to teach guests a little about the history of the cocktail, and the style and technique that go into mixing a drink. Katie Emerson, The Hawthorne’s bar manager, will cover ratios for a few original classic cocktails, while mixing up a classic Bee’s Knees. Katie will provide the details needed to assess your home bar, and the tools to customize cocktails using three basic formulas for a variety of delicious and time- honored variations. You’ll leave armed with the fundamentals to mix the perfect cocktail and a few goodies to take home to your own bar.

Go! Go! Curry!| Cambridge, MA Boston

Pork Belly here, Bunny is still away in Beautiful Costa Rica, so I’ve been roaming around and eating. Curry is awesome, especially Japanese curry, because it’s the ultimate JDM comfort food. It’s cheap, it’s easy to make, you can pretty much throw it on anything, rice, noodles, bread, and it’s Oishi!. Go! Go! Curry! is the only Japanese curry restaurant in the Boston area that only serve Japanese Curry. It is located in the relatively new H-Mart food court in Cambridge, along side Paris Baguette and Sapporo Ramen. Go! Go! Curry! is a Japanese chain with a few more stores in NYC in the States.

The Cambridge H-Mart is not as big as the Burlington store, some items are noticeably more expensive.


The Menu is pretty basic, you have a choice of Pork, Shrimp, Chicken, and Sausage Katsu, or get everyone on one plate. They even offer the “World Championship Curry”, which is the biggest curry plate in the US. All for only $30!!!!!


You order from the Sapporo Ramen Window


In true Japanese style, they have the plastic representations of their dishes in high-detail. In Japanese it’s called Sampuru サンプル, Deriving from the word “Sample”


A Sampuru of their Pork Katsu Curry


A Sampuru of their World Championship Curry, it’s huge!


I went for the Grand Slam. I recommend only eating this if you are extremely hungry! It comes with one Pork Katsu, one Chicken Katsu, 2 Sausages, 2 Eggs, and 1 Tempura Shrimp.


Look at that Fried goodness. They fry everything to order, so it is always hot and crispy.


I finished it all….. I skipped dinner that night because I was still full.


Don’t forget to return your tray!



Go! Go! Curry! Not much to say here, if you are craving Japanese curry, it hits the spot with huge portions and fried foods. I guess you can say it’s on the expensive side, but I think it’s decent priced for the portions. This H-mart seems more expensive than the other H-Marts. A Green tea O-Cha is like $1.50-2 in burlington, at this location it is $3. After your meal is over you can get a pastry from Paris Baguette.

Go! Go! Curry!
581 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139


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