Chilipa | 霸道麻辣香锅 | Boston Allston, MA

August 02, 2014-IMG_8370 August 02, 2014-IMG_8360

chilipa is a newly opened spicy pot joint in super 88 food court in allston, replacing one of the kind.

spicy pot, mala xiang guo, is a popular spicy sichuan dish in china. you get to choose the ingredients such as veggies, meat, and seafood, and then will stir fry them for you in special sauce/seasoning with a spicy level of your choice. ‘ma’ means the numbingness of the peppercorns and ‘la’ means spicy.

August 02, 2014-IMG_8335

the veggies are sold by baskets and meats are sold by lbs. the choice of ingredients are rather limited at chilipa

August 02, 2014-IMG_8293

August 02, 2014-IMG_8282

got boba from lollicup while waiting.
August 02, 2014-IMG_8377

here comes the food
August 02, 2014-IMG_8413

mala xiang guo should smell really fragrant because of various spices that go into the pot, but when pork belly brought this mala xiang guo to the table, all i smelled was old meat smell. the spices couldnt even cover the old smell of the meat, thats how strong it was.
August 02, 2014-IMG_8438

the food overall didnt taste bad. i asked for the most spicy, but it wasnt spicy and numbing enough. there’s a pool of oil on the bottom of pot. the meat def was NOT fresh. i had mild diarrhea afterwards. my friend reported the same thing after she went: the meat was really not fresh.
August 02, 2014-IMG_8462

despite of not fresh meat, i would still come back for the veggies when i crave mala xiang guo. it is still much better than what wow bbq has to offer.
August 02, 2014-IMG_8508

they offer a few other dishes such as dan dan noodles and spicy bean jelly. we got the spicy bean jelly, i thought it was decent.
August 02, 2014-IMG_8487

August 02, 2014-IMG_8496

on a side note: i was commenting on my friend’s instagram pic of the mala xiang guo that i agreed that the flavors were rather weak and the meat was really not fresh. one of the owners of chilipa happened to see my comment. instead of taking in my feedback, he rudely interrupted our conversation, got super defensive, and argued back with very mean and sarcastic comments which i didnt really appreciate. i am not sure how would a restaurant improve if they cant humbly take feedback from their customers.

1095 Commonwealth Ave
Allston, MA 02134

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How to prepare/cook Crawfish Boil | Whole Shabang Sauce Recipe

July 26, 2014-IMG_6652

last weekend, we did a crawfish boil at a friend’s place.

we ordered 30 lbs of crawfish off internet. 30lbs was wayyyy too much for 10 ppl. probably 15lbs would have been enough. the crawfish came in pretty much all alive. we put ice on them and they survived overnight.

before cooking them, the crawfish needs to be cleaned really well. they are super dirty animals that grow in dirty water. right before washing them, pour a lot of salt over the crawfish. salt will make the crawfish vomit and purge any dirt and waste in their digestive system which minimizes any fishy taste and smell.

you could stir them so the salt can get in evenly, but be careful dont kill the crawfish.

July 26, 2014-IMG_6743

wait for a few mins then start rinsing them with water MANY times til the water is completely clear.
July 26, 2014-IMG_6763

once they are well cleaned, get rid of any crawfish that are dead. DO NOT eat any dead crawfish!
July 26, 2014-IMG_6804

so fresh so clean clean
July 26, 2014-IMG_6831

excited for the boil
July 26, 2014-IMG_6869

July 26, 2014-IMG_6955

we were going to cook them outside, but the fire wasnt strong enough. the crawfish came with louisiana crawfish seasoning so we just dump them in the water. also throw in couple lemons!
July 26, 2014-IMG_7032

he’s ready for the bath
July 26, 2014-IMG_6959

if you had been to boiling crab in LA, you probably know how amamamamamammazing whole shabang sauce is. here is how a recipe to make some at home and it tastes pretty darn close.

here is how to make the whole shabang sauce:

you will need:
a lot of garlic
a lot of butter – we used 6 sticks
old bay seasoning
lemon pepper
cayenne pepper
cajun seasoning

A LOT LOOT LOOOOOTTTTT of garlic!!! this is very important! if you dont like garlic, dont even try to make this sauce. this was 3/4 of the whole container garlic. it can never be too much garlic! more garlic please!
July 26, 2014-IMG_7023

July 26, 2014-IMG_7588

then heat all your butter in a pan, then when butter all melted and simmering – add in all garlic.

then add all the seasonings (old bay seasoning, lemon pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, cajun seasoning). i added about 1-2 spoons each, you can do whatever you want to taste.

put the heat on low and stir constantly so the bottom doesnt burn/stick

July 26, 2014-IMG_7059

here’s a video how i made mine

July 26, 2014-IMG_7047

July 26, 2014-IMG_7061

July 26, 2014-IMG_7103

time to check on the crawfish
July 26, 2014-IMG_7067

July 26, 2014-IMG_7116

looks like they are ready
July 26, 2014-IMG_7191

i added some cooked crawfish in the whole shabang sauce that i made and coated the crawfish evenly with the sauce. super delish, only if i werent on a diet. fml. the sauce is seriously good with anything, seafood, corn, potatoes. ANYTHING!
July 26, 2014-IMG_7245

July 26, 2014-IMG_7178

July 26, 2014-IMG_7267

July 26, 2014-IMG_7292

July 26, 2014-IMG_7322

July 26, 2014-IMG_7347

some awesome dipping
July 26, 2014-IMG_7142

July 26, 2014-IMG_7135

July 26, 2014-IMG_7089

a friend made this crazy good rich ice creamy chocolate pie for desserts, i’d totally eat the whole thing if i werent on a diet. ugh fml
July 26, 2014-IMG_7406

soooo goooodddd, deserves another shot
July 26, 2014-IMG_7441

we never finished the 30 lbs of crawfish

July 26, 2014-IMG_7460

July 26, 2014-IMG_7469

food coma
July 26, 2014-IMG_7482

lucky she wasnt a crawfish
July 26, 2014-IMG_7512

July 26, 2014-IMG_7555

July 26, 2014-IMG_7566

July 26, 2014-IMG_7577

July 26, 2014-IMG_6666

Uyghur Kitchen | Boston Food Truck

July 11, 2014-IMG_5806

i tried to catch uyghur kitchen food truck a few times but no luck. it’s really hard to track them down since they dont seem to follow their schedule and cancellations are not noted on their social media. one night, we were driving to our dinner and we spotted uyghur kitchen food truck so we had to stop immediately.

July 11, 2014-IMG_5814

since we were on our way to dinner, we only tried the lamb kebab which is the only thing i care for anyways. at 3.49 per kebab, there’s def more meat on the stick than wow bbq.

July 11, 2014-IMG_5832

although the meat was not as tender and juicy as i wished, i appreciated that there was way less fat on each stick unlike wow bbq. i’d say the flavors were on point.
July 11, 2014-IMG_5850

i’d get it again if i ran into them.
July 11, 2014-IMG_5865

Crave Mad for Chicken | Boston, MA Chinatown

July 18, 2014-IMG_6101-2

we went to check out crave mad for chicken soft opening last night. crave mad for chicken is a korean fried chicken joint, part of a chain from new york. it took over the conveyor belt enso sushi on kneeland.

July 18, 2014-IMG_6117

the menu was stapled together, didnt look it was the final product.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6121

July 18, 2014-IMG_6131

cant eat chicken without beer. they have a selection beers but relatively expensive: a glass of asahi beer @ $7
July 18, 2014-IMG_6151

besides fried chicken, their menu was only limited to some apps and sushi unlike the new york location. so we only ordered some chicken.

July 18, 2014-IMG_6168

the double-fried chicken was def crispy, but i found the flavors were weak. we ordered the furious xtra spicy garlic and buffalo, i did not taste even a bit of spiciness.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6175

MFC claims their chicken to be all natural, farm raised with no hormones and no antibiotics, always fresh, never frozen. comparing to bonchon, the chicken def tasted much fresher.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6204

July 18, 2014-IMG_6225

the service wasnt exactly on point yet as they are still working out their kinks especially for their first night, but they were very friendly overall. i’d def come back again when i crave for some chicken.
July 18, 2014-IMG_6240

75 Kneeland St
Boston, Massachusetts 02111

Crave - Mad For Chicken on Urbanspoon

The Golden State | Los Angeles, CA Fairfax


our friend took us to the golden state to check out their burgers when we were in cali







they have curry ketchup.

IMG_0080-2 IMG_0088


i really liked the sweet potato fries. i got an extra order



we ran into tyler the creator. i think his store is down the street


sunday afternoon in fairfax




IMG_0155 IMG_0160

The Golden State
Burgers, Gastropubs, Sandwiches
426 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone number (323) 782-8331

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2941 | Falls Church, VA Washington DC

Another pork belly post.  Every month I travel to NY and DC for work.  My parents live in the DC area, I took them out to 2941 for the summer tasting menu. 2941 is located in falls church, it’s easy to miss since it is tucked away in a very Virginia Office park.

The restaurant has great ambiance with nice high ceilings and large glass windows overlooking a lake

June 21, 2014-DSC_0047-3

June 21, 2014-DSC_0194

June 21, 2014-DSC_0180

June 21, 2014-DSC_0050-2

We went for the tasting menu
June 21, 2014-DSC_0067


June 21, 2014-DSC_0072-2

June 21, 2014-DSC_0077

June 21, 2014-DSC_0088

Summer Truffle & Cauliflower
citrus cauliflower, tarragon, lemon thyme

June 21, 2014-DSC_0101

June 21, 2014-IMG_2038

June 21, 2014-DSC_0118

Arctic Char
Popcorn Custard, crispy jamon mangalica, asparagus
June 21, 2014-DSC_0136

Jumbo Lump Crab Risotto
Venere, Chesapeake Bay Jump Lump Crab, lemon mascarpone, parcel
June 21, 2014-DSC_0139

Venison Loin
roasted black mission fig, porcini, balsamic
June 21, 2014-DSC_0154

Summer pudding
pain de mie, berry compote, lemon curd icecream, coconut

June 21, 2014-DSC_0164

June 21, 2014-DSC_0174

Overall 2941 this visit to 2941 isn’t what I remember what it was like before 2-3 years ago. It’s definitely become more casual. The ingredients are fresh and made with excellent execution.

2941 on Urbanspoon

2941 Fairview Park Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042
(703) 270-1500


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