New York

Name Location Category Favorites Tips More Visits
BCD Tofu House Koreatown Korean YES - -
Bisous Ciao - Desserts/Café - Macarons -
Chicken and Rice Street Vendor - - - -
Fu Run Flushing Chinese YES - -
Golden Shopping Mall Flushing Food Court - - -
Hi-Collar East Village Japanese - coffee/tea/desserts -
Ippudo Ny East Village Japanese YES - -
Ivan Ramen Lower East side Japanese - - -
Japadog St. Marks Japanese - hot dogs -
Ladurée - Desserts/Café - macarons -
Lady M Cake Boutique - Desserts/Café YES crepe cakes -
Manji Dessert Flushing Desserts/Café - - -
Mitsuwa Marketplace NJ New Jersey Grocery Store YES - -
Momofuku Noodle Bar East Village Japanese - - -
Nan Xiang Dumpling House - Chinese YES - -
New Wonjo Restaurant Koreatown Korean - - -
New World Mall Food Court Flushing Food Court - - more
Shake Shack Time Square American - burger -
SobaKoh East Village Japanese - soba -
Sushi Yasuda Midtown Japanese - - -
Totto Ramen - Japanese - - -
Xinjiang BBQ Cart Flushing Street Vendor - - -
XinJiang BBQ Lamb Carts Flushing Street Vendor YES - -
Yakitori Taisho St. Marks Japanese - - -
Yakitori Totto - Japanese - - -
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3 thoughts on “New York

  1. I don’t know if you like breakfast/brunch, but I would highly recommend Alice’s Teacup. I think it’s on the Upper West Side (I know there are multiple locations), but it’s been year’s since I’ve been there, yet it’s still unforgettable!

  2. Hi Bunny,
    Today I thought of you and what you said about your boyfriend loving pork belly when I went to a very good sandwich store in NYC where customers were raving about their pork belly sandwiches (I cannot personally comment on those because I got a different, still delicious sandwich).
    If you want to check it out at some point it’s called Num Pang and it’s Midtown on 41st Street between Third and Lex.
    Beware of the long lines if you go at regular lunch time and be quick to order because time is money in the City and they sure want to keep things moving fast!
    Take care

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