King’s Hawaiian | Catalyst | Cambridge, MA Boston

i attended an event at catalyst saturday. chef william kovel of catalyst restaurant did a special menu using King’s Hawaiian products.

Guava Mimosa


seared foie gras, braised cherry, and orange on toasted king’s hawaiian original hawaiian sweet bread


Chicken liver mousse, pickled onion, whole grain mustard on king’s hawaiian crostini


white Gazpacho sips, marcona almond, grape, crispy king’s hawaiian garlic chips.



granddaughter of the King’s Hawaiian founder, Courtney Taira, introducing King’s Hawaiian’s background and products. King’s Hawaiian was founded in 1950s and they are famous for their fluffy texture and unique taste.




hawaiian iced tea

seared ahi tuna salad with local greens, tomato, cucumber, sheep’s milk feta topped with black olive tapenade and king’s hawaiian crostini


lamb tenderloin, baby artichoke, treviso, bread salad made with king’s hawaiian original hawaiian sweet round bread.



maine lobster salad served on king’s hawaiian original hawaiian sweet hot dog bun, house made chips

the bun is super fluffy and has a hint of sweetness.

catalyst burger with caramelized onion and great hill blue cheese served on king’s hawaiian original hawaiian sweet hamburger bun, fries


king’s hawaiian white chocolate chip bread pudding demo by Chef Kovel and Courtney

the recipe can be found at:



king’s hawaiian white chocolate chip bread pudding with walnut, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. hands down, best bread pudding ive ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i highly recommend trying out the recipe!


so generous of King’s Hawaiian, we got 2 bags of King’s Hawaiian bread and other goodies!!!!!

i left these in the kitchen and my mom finished a round bread by herself one afternoon. she said they are super super super good so she couldnt stop eating it. i just finished the 2nd bag of the sweet round bread as im writing this post; i couldnt stop chewing on it. they are super soft and buttery/sweet. their original hawaiian sweet bread, honey wheat, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, and savory butter dinner rolls are perfect for any family meals and celebrations.


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i did not pay to attend this event, but all opinions are my own. 

7 thoughts on “King’s Hawaiian | Catalyst | Cambridge, MA Boston

  1. Such a lovely post! thanks for sharing with us all! All of the shown food dishes look amazing, very colourful & very appetizing too! I love that dessert as well! :) MMMMMMMMM!

  2. The Maine lobster salad in the hot dog bun looks very, very appetizing. And, I know what you mean that once you start nibbling on the Hawaiian sweet bread, it’s hard to stop. :)

    Fantastic photos as always.

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