Dok Bua Thai Kitchen @ Brookline, MA Boston

dok bua thai kitchen is one of my fave thai joints in boston. havent used my fisheye lens for a while.



i like how their menu has a lot of pix of the dishes.


thai iced tea

Tom-Yum-Koong Soup
Spicy shrimp soup with lemon grass and lime juice.


Grilled Pork (Moo-Yang) over Rice

Baby Clam Fried Rice


Rad-Nar Noodle with chicken

Broad noodle with Chinese broccoli and brown sauce.


Ped Krob
Crispy duck topped with chili and basil sauce.


everything we had was yummy. my go-to spot for thai food.

Category: Thai
411 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 232-2955

Dok Bua on Urbanspoon

13 thoughts on “Dok Bua Thai Kitchen @ Brookline, MA Boston

  1. Woot woot love dok bua too and the owners! Should check out s+i Thai too in Allston(very small hole in the wall place)! It’s gives dok bua a run for its $ lol lots of Thai ppl have told me its super authentic

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