New Wonjo Restaurant | Koreatown New York, NY

we planned to go to takashi that day. takashi is a japanese bbq joint in new york city, probably the best in the city and one of bourdain’s favorites. we tried to make a reservation but they only take reservations for party of 4 and up so they suggested walk-in. takashi closes at 12:00am on friday and we got there around 9:30pm. i saw an empty table from outside and no one was waiting in line as i was walking in, i got really excited for a lil bit. i asked for a table for two, but the host told us they might be all booked for the night. might be??!? my heart suddenly dropped. i was really looking forward to it!!!! although i was still full from my lunch #1, #2, #3 and desserts #1 and #2 that day, i was desperate for some bbq and beer!

the host asked for our name and phone number and told us he would call us in about an hour and let us know if there’s gonna be seats available. so we had to wait for an hour just to know if we were able to eat there or not. i normally wouldnt put up with this sht but i did that day; thats how bad i wanted that damn bbq.


normally, you leave your number with the host, leave, and wait for the call while grabbing a drink or two somewhere else. BUT if you really really really want the table, you need to stay there! this is called ‘guilt trip’. if we waited there for an hour right in front of him looking desperately, it would make him somewhat guilty assuming most ppl are kind. it would make it a lot harder for him to say no to us in person than on the phone, therefore, better chance of scoring a seat. so we stayed and got a few drinks to sip on as we waited. as we were waiting, for our entertainment, we watched this woman mouth fed her man piece by piece and made out after every piece of meat. the guy was in a business suit and i jus assumed they were having an affair. I thought about trading our hotel room for their table; he’s obviously too cheap to
Pay for one

an hour went by, the host came to us and told us he’s really sorry and they were really fully booked for the night. he felt really really sorry and the drinks were on him. although we didnt get a table, but i think my strategy worked for a bit. he did feel sorry and we got free drinks. not that i cared about the freee drinks, but i was jus happy that my strategy sorta worked lol

so if you want to eat at takashi and no reservation, be there before 9pm although they close at 12.

anyways, so i was totally bummed, but was still in mood for bbq. it was already almost 11pm, no where good were available anymore. we were staying at the hilton near midtown, so we decided to head back to k-town and get some korean bbq and call it a night.

we just picked a random bbq joint in k-town: new wonjo

April 18, 2014-IMG_7686

onion salad
April 18, 2014-IMG_7695

kimchi and anchovies
April 18, 2014-IMG_7705

April 18, 2014-IMG_7724

Premium Gal Bi 눈꽃갈비- Non-Marinated Premium Short Rib
we got some premium sht to make up for takashi, but dont be fooled by the name and how it looks. it was not nearly as tender.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7741

April 18, 2014-IMG_7752

O-Sam Bul Goki 오삼불고기 – Spicy Squid and Pork Belly
we liked the combination
April 18, 2014-IMG_7770

steamed eggs
April 18, 2014-IMG_7788

April 18, 2014-IMG_7796

April 18, 2014-IMG_7806

April 18, 2014-IMG_7834

April 18, 2014-IMG_7850

April 18, 2014-IMG_7868

April 18, 2014-IMG_7876

April 18, 2014-IMG_7843-2

we enjoyed the bbq at new wonjo although i was still disappointed. food was above average but i would totally avoid the premium meats if i ever come back, just not that good. stick with the basic meats. service was good, but keep an eye on the grill because our waitress burned most of our meat.

New Wonjo Restaurant
23 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
b/t Broadway & 5th Ave in Midtown West, Koreatown
Phone number (212) 695-5815

New Wonjo Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Momofuku Noodle Bar | East Village | New York, NY

i was in new york city last weekend. eating.

April 18, 2014-IMG_7450

momofuku noodle bar is one of david chang’s establishments of his momofuku empire. i wasnt a fan of his. i disagreed with him on banning photography in Momofuku ko and he jus sounds like a douche overall. his response to banning photography was simply “it’s just food. eat it.” excuse me mr. chang, but thats just fucking bullshit. it’s not jus food and you know it. people plan months in advance and pay hundreds of dollars to eat at ko, how is it just food? Some ppl plan trips and vacations based on food establishments. some ppl worship you and your food and you cant let them take a pic? food is not just food; food is everything. i can understand flash photography could be distracting, but with a silent shutter and no flash it is still distracting to you and the fellow diners?

although i would never eat at ko due to their policy (btw, ko is moving), i did change my impressions on david chang after listening his talks with david choe on dvdasa. he didnt sound as douchey as i imagined and i agreed with him on a lot of things that he talked about. maybe no one can possibly sound more douchey than my favorite korean guy david choe haha.

anyways, so i wanted ramen after our lunch at sushi yasuda so why not give david chang’s momofuku noodle bar a try? the line was outta the door, unsurprisingly. we gave our name and phone number (they wont call you) to the host and was told the wait was about 40 mins. we headed down the street for some coffee and ended up staying there for about 30 mins. the line moves rather fast because there are tons of seats. when we got back to noodle bar, our name was already called. fuck, i thought they would give me shit about it and let us wait all over again (at least thats usually what happens at other ramen shops or some restaurants). surprisingly, the host was nice about it and had us seated after about 10 mins. thumbs up to you david chang!

April 18, 2014-IMG_7574

im pretty impressed with the seating layout in the noodle bar. the space is not huge, but there are a lot of seats. dont expect separated tables, it’s all shared tables and bar seats.

diver scallop – kumquat, daikon, chervil
the scallop was nicely seared, but my friend bing makes better.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7462

sausage – mustard, cucumber, pickled red onion
April 18, 2014-IMG_7478

momofuku ramen – pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg
the pork belly and pork shoulder were rather dry. overall a smokey taste. the broth was VERY salty and one dimensional. most importantly, it was $16 dollars! most expensive ramen ive ever had except for ippudo.
April 18, 2014-IMG_7524


April 18, 2014-IMG_7583

i had a taste of david chang’s food which wasn’t that impressive, rather disappointing. i probably wont be back and eat his overpriced and underwhelming ramen; however, i have nothing against him now because of dvdasa.
if you are interested of the two shows that he was on dvdasa, here are the links:

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003
b/t 10th St & 11th St in East Village
Phone number (212) 777-7773

Momofuku Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

Ruth’s Chris Steak House | Theater District Boston, MA

went to ruth’s chris steak house with a friend the other day. it was my 1st time cuz i am just not crazy about american steak houses especially its a chain.

i got the filet which supposed to be the most tender cut of all.
March 26, 2014-IMG_5079

very mediocre steak. wasnt tender at all. the outside was even dry and burned. lacked flavors.
March 26, 2014-IMG_5091

bread pudding
March 26, 2014-IMG_5110

ruth’s chris isnt cheap; i cant believe people actually pay a lot of money for these mediocre steaks. unbelieveable.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
45 School St
Boston, MA 02108
b/t Province St & Chapman Pl in Downtown
Phone number (617) 742-8401

Ruth's Chris Steak House on Urbanspoon

M3 | Somerville, MA Boston


we went to M3 for brunch yesterday. M3 is a southern meat joint in davis square – perfect for my cheat day.

April 12, 2014-IMG_6707

the fresh squeezed orange juice werent fresh at all. im sure it was squeezed because probably on squeezed OJ can taste like rotten oranges. they def used rotten oranges. i had two sips (2nd sip was to make sure) and handed to pork belly.

hog wings – with carolina bbq house ranch
we totally thought we ordered hot wings, so we were expecting spicy chicken wings.
when we started eating it:
me: this tastes like pork, not chicken, it looks nothing like chicken wings either
pork belly: no this is chicken, just not spicy, and it’s missing another bone.
me: bullshit. it’s def pork.
i waved at your waitress and she told us its hog wings.
April 12, 2014-IMG_6841-2

they were ok, the meat was a little dry in the middle, but was better than the rest of the stuff we ordered.

chicken & waffles – buttermilk fried chicken wings, toasted pecan waffle, apple butter syrup
April 12, 2014-IMG_7015-2

the chicken wings were super bland, over fried, and the meat tasted old. the waffle were more enjoyable especially it had pecan in it.

shrimp & grits – jack cheddar cheese, okra, jalapenos
April 12, 2014-IMG_7033

no idea why i ordered this. the flavor was very one dimensional: salty. i rarely not finish my dish even it’s not so enjoyable, but i failed to finish this one.
April 12, 2014-IMG_7060

i wanted to like this place because i love fried chicken, meat, and carbs. the interior was cool, couldve been a nice place get a few drinks and chomp on some wings, but unfortunately the food was really underwhelming. if you are looking for southern food, i’d recommend hungry mother in cambridge. anyways, my calories were wasted; i was very unsatisfied.
April 12, 2014-IMG_6716

April 12, 2014-IMG_7118

382 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square
Phone number (617) 718-6666

M3 on Urbanspoon

April 12, 2014-20140412_123921

Sushi Gen | Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA

it’s finally saturday (1:20am), my cheat day of the week. what should i eat?!?! i am overwhelmed. yea how sad, im on a diet. i gained wayyyy too much weight last year that i can hardly look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusted.

i know what exactly i would eat if i were still in college: dominos and wings. thats what me and sherry always ordered after midnight when our cravings kick in. we always blamed each other for letting each other order them afterwards and promised never to do it again, but one day later, we would do it again. the moment our delivery guy arrived was probably my happiest moment in college. im not even obsessed with fine food, rather, im obsessed with eating, the action. i can eat even the food tastes bad. i can eat when im already full. eating is therapeutic, comforting; it’s a cure for boredom or actually, just anything.

sadly i have to more selective of what i eat now because i cant take on that much calories anymore without gaining a lot weight. i have to make sure every calorie i put in my body is worth it.

at this moment, i am craving sushi. i just realized i havent had sushi since our japan trip last fall except this one time we went to sushi gen in LA. sushi is def one of my fave things to eat. i love fish and my love for rice is even greater. although i love sushi, the sushi in japan just tasted so different that i lost the desire to eat it here. even the most expensive sushi ive had in boston cant compare.


anyways, this was one of the restaurant hopping days in cali, i only wanted some uni with quail eggs from sushi gen, but i ended up ordering a few pieces more.


they dont have the quail eggs version on the menu, but you can ask for it if you desire. it was overrated as i remembered.

Kanikama – crab

hotate – scallop

sushi gen is one of the most well-known/popular sushi joint in LA, but i was def a little disappointed in the food as well as service although i only had a brief meal. the uni wasnt well cleaned, i tasted sand in my uni. the host was kinda rude to us, def not the typical friendly japanese service standard. although the overall food is def better than an average sushi restaurant, i wouldnt come back again. the price def doesnt justify the quality of the food and service.

ill be in nyc and dc next weekend and i made a reservation to eat at sushi yasuda so far. cant wait to eat sushi again.

Sushi Gen
422 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown
Phone number (213) 617-0552

Sushi Gen on Urbanspoon

Menton | Waterfront Boston, MA

my best friend from college was moving back to taiwan so we went to menton for our last dinner before she left.

goat cheese macaron and gelée mussels
March 27, 2014-IMG_5188

March 27, 2014-IMG_5205

croissant – super flakey, buttery, soft
March 27, 2014-IMG_5213

salmon roulade – fingerling, dill, horseradish
March 27, 2014-IMG_5245

fava leaf tortellini- morel, parmesan, sweetbread
March 27, 2014-IMG_5265

terrine of foie gras – tangerine, brioche, black pepper
March 27, 2014-IMG_5288

green garlic crespelle – artichoke, lemon, olive
March 27, 2014-IMG_5326

rhode island fluke – saffron bourride, tarragon, mussel
March 27, 2014-IMG_5353
assiette of suckling pig – wild rapini, english pea, mustard
March 27, 2014-IMG_5366

ricotta cremeux – graham cracker, rhubarb, caramel
March 27, 2014-IMG_5418

chocolate pave – pretzel, cacao mate, rum
March 27, 2014-IMG_5391

selection of artisanal cheese
March 27, 2014-IMG_5383

March 27, 2014-IMG_5435

food at menton was exceptional as usual: the finest ingredients and exquisitely executed. the best part about a barbara lynch restaurant is the hospitality. service at menton is always absolutely impeccable. dining out is always about the whole experience not just the food, and menton never fails to provide that warm and flawless experience. that being said, we had a great time at menton and couldn’t be a better way to say goodbye to my best friend.

354 Congress St
Boston, MA 02210
b/t A St & Pittsburgh St in Waterfront, South Boston
Phone number (617) 737-0099

Menton on Urbanspoon


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